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Corporate Memberships

What better way to promote healthy living among employees than to subsidize or cover the cost of their B-Cycle membership? Bike sharing fits nicely with any organization's wellness program. 


Regular Membership Price



Corporate Discount (provided by FWBS to participating orgs.)




Company Contribution

Employer Contribution

50 / 50 Split



Free to Employees



Custom Employer Subsidy




Fort Worth Bike Sharing has created a corporate partnership program that allows local companies to offer discounted annual memberships to their employees. It’s great for organizations big and small. There are no upfront costs to the organization. There is no minimum number of employees required to participate. You’ll only be charged for the employees who sign up for annual membership.

Annual membership includes unlimited trips up to 60 minutes each. Trips that exceed 60 minutes incurovertime fees. Any overtime fees will be billed to the individual employee.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Sign Agreement. Contact us and specify your preferred level of partnership. We’ll send over an agreement for you to review, sign and return.
  2. Get Set Up. Once the agreement is signed and returned, we’ll create discount codes that your organization will share with employees. Each employee will have an individual account that they can manage, but at a discounted rate, thanks to your partnership agreement.
  3. Communicate to Employees. Fort Worth Bike Sharing will provide you with internal marketing materials to promote the new benefit among your employees.
  4. Invoicing: Every 3 months, we’ll send you an invoice for employees who signed up during the previous 90 days.

Verification: We will require employees to sign up using their work email address to prevent non-employees from using the discount codes. Also, each invoice will list employee names for you to verify.

Recognition: All corporate membership partners will be recognized on the Fort Worth Bike Sharing website.

Metrics: Each employee can track their own bike usage (trips, miles, calories burned) by logging into their online B-Cycle account. This information can then be printed out and turned into to company wellness coordinators. Additionally, we can provide up to 2 organization-specific ridership reports per year. The reports can include total employee trips, mileage, calories burned, carbon offset, etc. This information will be aggregated – no personal information. 

Contact our Sales Manager Tim Halden for more information:


Frequently Asked Questions:

May employees share memberships? No, each account must be managed by an individual employee.

Will my organization be liable for any injury or accident? Your organization won’t be liable for any accumulated overtime fees, rider injury or damage to or loss of bike by an employee. All liability and additional fees fall on the annual members, who are required to accept our Terms & Conditions when signing up.

What if we have employees that have already signed up? Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse existing members, but those individuals can receive the discount when renewing their annual membership.

What happens when an employee leaves the company? Once an employee purchases an annual membership using the corporate partnership discount, they are granted the membership for a full year, even if they leave the company. However, they will not be eligible for any future discounts once their annual membership expires.

Can Fort Worth Bike Sharing help us communicate this new benefit to employees? Absolutely. We provide every corporate partner with a sample email and flyer to promote and explain the new benefit. We can also schedule a visit to your workplace to present the program to your employees.

What if our employees don’t all have work email addresses? We can work around this by offering unique promo codes for these employees.

Can we link these memberships to one company credit card? Possibly, contact us at 817-348-0043 for all of the implications.

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